Nero Frustrations

Nero has always worked great for me but when I downloaded the latest version Nero Express it really frustrates me cause I cant seem to find a way to switch to the clasic interface :a and this new interface just isn’t working for me is it necessairy for me to download an older version or can I stick with Also this new interface doesn’t allow me to burn pal it automaticly burn ntsc probably cause I run XP Pro (US-version). If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it :bow:

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Think there is a way to restore the classic interface in - not sure though. Unfortunately, I don’t have the prog running on my office machine.

Regarding PAL / NTSC, haven’t come across this before. But try changing the region settings from US to some other country (English)

in the icon choose /w option for EXPRESS
other option is to change the serial number until it starts with traditional menus