Nero from e-bay

i was looking to upgrade from 5.5.10 bundled to nero 6.
ive seen version for £15 retail not OEM as ive never brought software from e-bay i`am weary.

if anybodys brought this or the oem version i would be interested to know if they are the real McCoy.

cheers acko

I’d personally be very wary of buying what is really just a serial number from eBay. For sure, it could be a full retail serial number that works fine in a current version - but who’s to know whether or not the vendor has sold the same number several times under several different eBay IDs? If so, and Ahead realise it’s a serial number that’s got “into the wild”, they could always block it in a later version. There’s also the possibility that you’ll pay your money, get the serial number, and find that it isn’t a full retail serial number after all.

The situation is a little different with programs where the serial number is always bought on a recognised card, label, CD case or whatever - but even they could be fake.

If you’ve got a bundled copy of Nero 5.5, you’re entitled to buy an upgrade online from - that’s what I’d do under the circumstances.


the 1 was thinking of getting comes on 2 discs and claims to be an original cd nero suite 1 and comes with a serial key.

i looked on aheads site to upgrade my nero cost €35 for serial key, for about the same money i could get everything on 2 discs from e-bay, there must be someone using this forum who`s brought it from e-bay.

i brought a cheap copy of xcopy that was version 1.0.0 but i still got support and free updates, not brought from e-bay though.

cheers acko

If you can upgrade from the same price from Ahead, that’s what I’d do.

The CDs probably are out of date - it shouldn’t take that long to FTP an up to date copy of Nero from the servers.

Your mileage may vary, though!


I dont think ill bother updating to nero 6 ive been testing the demo ver and i keep getting buffer under runs that i dont get with