Nero Freezes

This has been an off-on problem for years now.
I have Nero 7 Premium Re-Loaded and use Windows XP.
Whenever I try to open Nero I don’t get very far. The screen/monitor just ‘freezes’. I then have to re-start the computer in an attempt to try again. I’ve tried uninstalling then re-installing Nero but this didn’t help. What is the problem and can anyone fix it ?

Same here, also with Nero 7 and XP

All I do is restart it…sometimes after using the Task Manager to stop it.
Seems to be completely random…
…If I hadn´t paid so much money for it I would have thrown it out ages ago. There seem to be enough free and stable options that can do everything it can do anyway…


Well as I said, I restart it and the same thing happens 9 times out of 10.

Hi there.

I have nero 7.5 extreme edition, with XP sp2 upgraded to sp3, used it for years burning 100’s of CD’s & DVD’s don’t ever remember it crashing on any of several CPU’s, but some other DVD programs do interfeer with nero, like anyDVD, so more info would be required.

In the mean time, you could try uninstalling it and re install it.

One thing i noticed is that when you switch off your CPU while it is running, and aspecially when it is writing to the hard disk, sometimes some sectors of the hard disks are over written and then problems begins start popping up.