Nero freezes when burning w/pioneer 111d

when using nero 6.3 to burn a dvd using a pioneer dvd-111d burner it freezes at 16x,8x and now at 4x. im using memorex 16x disc. just bought the pioneer and its driving me crazy. any help would be appreciated and sorry if in wrong forum. thankx

Try an upgrade to Nero as 6.3 is rather old now.

Also make sure that the Pioneer has version 1.19 of the firmware.

The thing about Pioneers DVD burners is that they run in Ultra DMA mode 4 & must have an 80wire IDE cable, also known as ATA66/100/133.

And finally Memorex DVDs are not considered the best or anyway near it.

Just don’t upgrade to Nero 7 it’s to unstable at the moment. 6.6.x.x would be a better upgrade.

Absolutely, I should have been more specific about the upgrading.

ok thanks to all, ill try the upgrade and firmware and post back but what is considered top of the line dvd disc. thanks

Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim.

But you won’t find anything called Taiyo Yuden in the shops. So we will have to know where in the world you are so people can point you to suppliers.

Verbatims are in the shops though.