Nero freezes just before end of burn process!

Win XP - SP1a

I used to be able to burn with Nero.

Now frequently, if not allways, the burn process goes to 99-100%, then hangs.

No overburning ( CD less then 600MB on last try, same with a 3.5GB DVD), several media tried.

If I kill Nero using taskmanager ( no other way possible !), then the drive remains locked until I reboot !

Any idea ???

Have CdrWin and CloneCD and Feurio as well. BUT none has changed, AND they all worked happily together for months. Only change COULD be that my son has activated CDRWin ASPI drivers ( but he is not sure of it)

Any help appreciated !

Nero uses its own ASPI file so CDRWin’s version can’t be the problem I think. What I would try is to re-install Nero (latest version of course) and then see if that has solved the problem. You can download Nero CleanTools here. With this you can remove any traces of Nero from your system. So first uninstall the software, then run the CleanTool and then re-install the latest version. Does this solve your problem? Also, are you sure the problem is related to Nero? Does CloneCD work?

Yes : CloneCd / Feurio / CdrWin do not exibit this problem.

Have already uninstalled / used cleanup tool / reinstalled.
Will try new burn later today.

Same thing happening to me, only intermittently - sometimes it finishes, sometimes it does not. I am using the latest version after a clean install. In addition, writer is recording slowly, more slowly than usual. A few months ago it was recording 4x DVDs in 16-17 min but now it takes close 30min. 2.4x recording takes about the same amount of time. Same media, same drive, more or less same software (didn’t update to SP2). Got no idea what is going on.