Nero freezes about 95%-99% with SMART-BURN on ?!?!

Some time ago I started encountering burn freezes about 95%-99% into the burn, but not every burn. I noticed that when I disable SMART-BURN, I suffer from no freezes. I set the burn speed to 32X.

WinXP Pro SP1
Nero v6.3.1.17
Liteon LTR-52327S QS57
TDK (Ritek) 80min 48X (100 bulk)

Whenever the burn freezes, I can end the Nero process, but the burner is locked, and resets only on reboot :a

As you can see in the probe below, there’s a spike around the freezes area I mentioned (this CD was created with SMART-BURN disabled), could this be related?

Any idea?