Nero freeze at 100% while burning dvd's

My nero 6.17 or what the version is(latest) freeze when burning dvd’s at 100%

Both on my Benq1600 and nec2510. It dosent happend every time, but like 50% of the time. Im using only quality media like TY and VERBATIM.

I tried format c:\ reinstall all software, problem still there

I dont think i had this problem before latest update of nero, is this a bug?
What can I do?

In the meantime I use alcohol 120 and never happends there, never in Stomp recordnow either so it IS a nero issue.

I also tried downing latest ASPI drivers from adaptec.

Thanks for any pointers

You are not alone, my friend! Exactly the same happened to me, Nero freezes at 100% and I have to reboot every time! :frowning:
If my WinOnCD 5 would only recognise my Benq DW822A, I would never use Nero 6.3 (crap when it comes to DVD burning, OK with CD burning). I got Sonic RecordNow with my Benq drive, and so far I had no problems at all with it.
I also reintalled Windows XP Pro and installed Nero 6.3 only, same thing happened: 4 out of 10 DVD+R media (Maxell) are coasters!!! :frowning:
Deinstalled Nero, installed Sonic RecordNow and everything works fine, not a single coaster so far (burned already 50 DVDs).
I was planning on purchasing Nero (seen it cheaper at my local retailer), but now I wouldn’t get it even for free. I’ll stick with WinOnCD 5 for CDs and Sonic RecordNow for DVDs.

Hmm… Yeah, I dont “need” nero either since i use alcohol 120% and Stomp RecordMax too, but, what shall I do when I get my DUAL LAYER media and want to burn that?

I cant go with nero, the risk is way to big for so expensive media.
What other software support dual layer recording?

Sonic RecordNow supports DL burning starting from version 7.0 and later.
Also, Easy Media Creator 7 and CopytoDVD 3.0.23 support DL burning. Other apps are also being updated for DL burning, so no need for Nero anymore!