Nero for Windows XP



I just posted the article Nero for Windows XP.

Earier today we reported about a new Nero version: We didn’t have any info about changes/addons etc by that time. Well, thanks to Airhead we’ve got it now!

And guess what? Nero is…

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they stuck a bug in with 5540 for burning bin/cue files and havent fixed it, i guess im sticking with


I noticed that Bin/Cue bug too! maybe they did not know bout it.


Watch out it totally fucked up my cd drives fortunately XP has system restore and I was able to bring back drives.


Nero any version ive installed on XP has worked fine with with my Plextor 8x scsi, 12x scsi, and 24x ide- no probs with the latest version either. :wink: Nero Rulez - no complaints here :7


I have an athlon 700 and an adaptec 29160N, even with the new Nero ( I get underruns under XP. Something must be wrong with the 29160N driver, or with the ASPI layer.


Yeah men, metoo, i get underruns too, what is it???.. if some one know let me know ok?.. thanks… :slight_smile: