Nero for Vista and 7

Hi! I just have a quick question.

For Windows XP it seems to me that Nero version is the “best” one. It seems to be the most recommended version. Which version would then be the “best”/most recommended for Windows Vista and Windows 7? Haven’t found some answer to this anywhere, so thought I’d try and ask here. Would it be version 7, 8, or 9? Please give explanations to why and please specify exactly which version, like 7.X.X.X/8.X.X.X/9.X.X.X.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi and Welcome!

according to, Nero 9 is the first version that is compatible with Windows 7. For Vista, you need at least latest version of Nero 7.

If you need a reliable burning application, then ImgBurn might be the better option.


The latest version for Nero 6 is version and is a free download from I’ve read posts by Vista users that were still able to use it in Vista by running in WinXP mode.

I’m running 7 with win7 no problems, everything works fine for me so far and not using any compatibility modes. I am using the 32 bit version though in case that might make a difference.

[QUOTE=bevills1;2488566]The latest version for Nero 6 is version and is a free download from (…).[/QUOTE]unless you have a valid serial, it won’t work at all :wink:


Then maybe I’ll try using in Vista and 7 with compatibility mode for XP and see what happens.

Other than that, any recommended specific versions of 7/8/9 for Vista and 7?

I know the update won’t work without valid serial number as is the case with any Nero update, but I assumed the OP has the serial number for his version that would allow install and use of the update. I updated my Nero 6 with serial number with that update, and it works as expected. In post #3 I incorrectly said “The latest version for Nero 6 is version and is a free download…” where I should have said update to latest version.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

On this PC, which is running Vista SP2, I find Nero 8 (v8.3.6.0) works great for all I need. There isn’t any reason for my using that specific version number, I’m just too lazy to update further, when it works just fine. :wink:

I have tried Nero 9 with both Vista and XP, but just couldn’t get on with it, some of the various components (Burning ROM, Nero Recode etc) just seemed to take an age to load. My PCs aren’t the fastest, but it still should have been OK - haven’t nailed where the the problem lies as yet though. :slight_smile: