Nero for making audio disks & from mp3



Hi there,

Remember me ? I’ve mailed you to help you
with your problem. I don’t know if you
understand what I wrote because I had to do
it in a rush.

If you don’t understand it then feel free
to mail me again. I will type the answer
to your question at home and then I will
bring it back to school to mail it to you.

I don’t have a i-net connection at home,
therefore I will type it at home.

I will mail it to you tomorrow. It will be
thursday here in Holland. Where do you live
anyway ?


Tha Sentinel


I am relatively new to Nero and was
wondering if someone can instruct me how
to make audio compilations of various
artists on one disk.

Want to expand my horizons into the MP3
domain can anyone instruct me on how to
do it and can Nero do this for me??

Thanks to all that can help… Mark