Nero fixation error problem

I’m a newbie (59 years old). I came to this forum looking for a fix for Nero fixation error.I didn’t find one, so I feel that I need to post that I think I’ve found the solution.
Basically the fixation error doesn’t happen if I only burn 450Mb; so either I’m being sold undersized media or Nero has some sort of bug in estimating the space needed to mark the disc as closed to further burning.
This is probably the wrong place to post this but I’m new to forums (fora?) but I’m sure that some kind soul will see it and send me the proper S.P.
All the best to all. John Shale

Welcome John,

just create a new thread in the Nero or the newbie section, so we can help you with. You may include a logfile from Nero in to your post (please remove serials before).

Split from the “Say Hi…” thread…


We need to know very much more than you’ve told us so far.

Just what are you burning? What version of Nero are you using , what burner do you have , what media are you using? These are just a few of the things we need.