Nero File Verification: if it fails is it the media or burner?



I use the checkbox when burning with Nero to verify the files burnt.

So far I haven’t had a burn that has passed the Data Verification test, I have burnt 4x on 8x media and have still found two or three errors.

Is it natural to get a few errors on file verification?

Is it due to bad media, or is the burner at fault?

Thanks for any help.


Generally its the media thats the problem, what media are you using?


Regarding Nero Verification…

If my memory serves me correct, then Nero has had problems with the verification tool for sometime.

I believe it affects versions 6.3.x.x. and above, including the latest versions.

This causes false reporting of Verification failed :eek:

The earlier version of Nero (5.5.x.x) seem to be unaffected.

I would do a search on the forum to check this problem out, but I’m sure it’s not the first time this has been raised.


ps. Bad media can be to blame however :o


also instead of using the nero verification use cdspeed to do a transfer rate test (preferebly with a drive that can read to 16X), if you get a nice curve then this will tell if the burn is good or bad.

if your burning with iso images then you could try using dvddecrypter to burn & verify, it has worked ok for me and seems to do a simular test as to cdspeed transfer rate test.

edit: are you still using the bulkpag :Z you posted about here


Thanks for the responses, I was a bit suspicious of the verification feature :cop:

On the otherhand I am using Bulkpaq media :Z :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ve got some good media on order, hopefully I’ll have better luck with that.

Is there any alternative file verification proggy that I could use instead of nero’s (outside of the cdspeed idea)



there is dvdinfopro but you have to pay for the full version, stick with cdspeed its free and well supported here at cdfreaks.


In the free version of dvdinfopro, you could always use the CD/DVD CRC Read Error Test…