Nero file browser

have a aopen 2440 and nero Once I have used one drive ( cdrom) to see tracks, I cannot access that drive a second time,and see another audio cd. I can use my cd burner to see the second cd, but once I have done that, I cannot access the burner drive again. This prevents me from compiling more than 2 audio cd’s. Anyone with a solution?

has no one had this problem?

I had a problem something like that, turned out to be ASPI problems, I dug around until I found ASPIMe (not the crap from :Z Adaptec) Steve Gibson {really good utils on this site!} unfortunately Adaptec seems to have a copyright on something there(that they couldn’t do right :confused: ) but S.Gibson fixed … anyway if you want Email me and I’ll send you a copy of it.:smiley:
There’s 2 programs, ones to check the ASPI layer, the other is the installer.

Thank you crazy wolf. My system did not have ASPI drivers installed. I used the utility and installed drivers but that did not solve the problem. Once I drag the tracks from one drive, the tracks and the drive are “greyed out” and if i insert a second cd ,i cannot access that drive a second time.

This is a well known problem and is allready fixed for the next update which should be available during February 2002 on Aheads homepage. You will be able to download the update from the following site:


Have never heard of this prob but am looking forward to the other updates that will be in the next Nero! :smiley: