Nero fails to recognise external burning drive



Hello all, I got a problem here that I hope you guys can help me with. Currently Im using a BenQ DVD DD EW162I USB device to burn my data DVDs (“make Data DVD” option ) with Nero burning program with ease.

However, when I wanna copy a video DVD with the “copy entire DVD-video” option available, when I reach the “Burn settings” page, my I drive (the BenQ DVD drive) does not appear in the “destination” column where I wanna burn my DVD with; only the F drive (also a dvd burner drive, but spolit) that i used to burn video DVDs with appears. What I can’t understand is that how is it that Nero can recognise the I drive in one option (when I burn under “data files”) but not the other?

I would really appreciate any help that I can get from you guys.

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried updating your Nero to the latest, as that’s an older version?

Also, do the DVD-videos have any kind of copy protection on them? If so you may be better off with something like DVDFab to burn your DVD videos.


thanks for the advice, Arachne. Nope, there’s no copy protection on them and following your advice, I have updated my Nero to but however, there aint a “copy entire DVD-video” option available. Or is that option not available anymore? Im used to using that particular option to burn my DVD videos. Are there any alternatives in Nero that I can use to burn a fully workable Video DVD?

Any help is much appreciated and thank in advance!



upgrading to Nero 8 was not necessary. It would be sufficient to get the latest update for Nero 6.6 (to

I personally experience the issue that a drive is not offered to use by Nero if a blank disc was inserted before Nero is started.
You might have a look at this.

And to return to your older Nero version: Uninstall Nero 8, then run the Clean Tool available at



I had the exact same problem when I used a Nero OEM edition (which i got with a Sony dvd burner) to copy DVD videos on any other dvd burner. Data DVD’s were no problem, but it would not recognise the drive for copying DVD-videos.

Copy DVD-video only worked if the hardware was Sony.