Nero Fails Burning to DVD on NEC ND-3520A

Hey All,

I just bought and installed an NEC ND-3520A (black) on my WinXP Pro SP2 machine and am having problems burning to DVD using Nero VisionExpress 3 (

I have the 3520A installed as Secondary Master and it works fine for the most part, but so far every time I try to burn a project from Nero VE to DVD it throws an error and the burn fails. Nero doesn’t actually crash or hang my machine but it throws up an error dialog displaying application code and the option to submit an error report and the burn halts. The error occurs every time right after the project files are prepared - as soon as the burn stage begins. This happens with DVD-RW and DVD-R media.

Strangely, if I burn the project to an image file with VE and then use Burning ROM to burn to DVD it works fine. I just can’t seem to burn direct from Vision Express. The burner works also works fine burning Data DVDs using Retrespect back-up.

I have used Nero for years but am pretty new to the Ultra edition and Vision Express - is there something obvious I might be missing there?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

  • Chris

Ok, I am probably talking to myself here, but was able to get my problem fixed after digging more in this forum and elsewhere.

I ended up doing a full uninstall of all Nero programs, ran the Nero clean tools, reinstalled from CD, then updated to the current version. Everything seems to be working fine now.

Couldn’t have done it with out this forum, once again…

  • Chris

@ ckgoodwin
Hey glad you were able to resolve your problem. Nice job on doing some research on your own…that is what all these old posts are still here for. Chalk one up for the old ‘uninstall with nero clean tools and reinstall the latest version’. Probably just had some driver conflict somewhere…the un/reinstall seems to cure a lot of problems. Thanks for posting back with your solution.