Nero fails burning dvd2one compression

Hi there, i have a problem with copying my DVD´s i´ve distroyed 5 dvd´s because nero says process failure!!!
i tell woth happend:

i use DVD Decryptor 3.1.9 and store the movie on my disk.
There i can run it with intervideo windvd4.
Then i use dvd2one to compress and if i try to burn this, nero 5 says process failed. I also can´t read the compressed version with windvd4. it does not start the mainmenu!!

i did have trouble with my win32aspi.dll driver so i have restored my system with norton ghost!

i can burn annything but not the compressed dvd´s
please can anybody tel me whot i should do
i did try this with ´thepiratsofthecaribbean and piglets big movie!
:cool: greetz Helfire…:wink:

Have a look in the Nero forum, you may need to update to Nero 6. Or try another burning software
CopytoDVD works for a lot of people.
Hope this helps.