Nero Fails Burn to Erased CD/RW

I’m working on a Medical Imaging device that uses NERO API to archive patient runs (mixed data and images). We recently had a report from the customer that NERO is producing unreadable CDs. Back at the lab, we confirmed the problem. This exists with NERO 6 and NERO 9. Our app uses the NERO API with C# wrappers to burn the media. NERO reports a successful burn, but when we try to look at the disks in Windows, they are unreadable. We don’t have issues writing to CD-R, but the customer has reported occasional failures there.

Just for kicks, I enabled verification in the API. It found errors on the media, but the time to do the checks was excessive. We can’t ship the product with NERO verification enabled.

My questions are:

  1. Has anybody else seen this?
  2. Is there some way I can get more detailed info from the progress callbacks so I can figure out where and why the burns are failing?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried looking at the logfile (NeroGetErrorLog())?

I did, but it was basically useless. We decided that we spent enough time on the issue and documented everything we tested. Then we kicked it back to the customer to decide. After two weeks of work all we could confirm was that, for the instrument, we could reliably write to DVD+RW that were erased and not write to erased CD-R/W at all.

I’m off on other projects now.