Nero Express

before I go off and try the wonderful guide the administrator posted on splitting up a dj mix with Nero, could someone tell me if Express does this?

alright… I tried this a couple of times last night… Somehow my track order got completely screwed up… It seems when you add the file again, it puts it at the beginning of the track listing… and once you get past 17 tracks or so… then all hell breaks loose because dragging and dropping the tracks in right order becomes a dangerous game.

Nero express, audio files and myself have never got on really. When I do any audio stuff I always use the full version, it just seems to do what I ask and dosn’t try to ‘second guess’ me like express.
BTW I have compilated a 24 track CD with various formats of audio (ogg, MP3 ect…) with various pause times between tracks and it came out fine (just remember to slow your writer down if you want good quality audio).