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Just thought I’d share this tidbit, it may have been covered already but I think it’s worth mentioning again. Often posts after awhile get buried.

In the begining I was beside myself trying different burning software that would net me a compatible DVD that would play on both my APEX 5131 and Sony DAV-S300.

Of course one of the most widely used ones was Nero, but too no avail I just couldn’t get it to work.

I then settled on Gear Pro 6.0. It would burn a DVD that played in all my stand alones.

Since then I know the creator of DVD2ONE conferenced with the programmers at Ahead, and they fixed a few things releasing Nero Burning ROM

However I found after visiting this forum and others there were still a varied amount of opinions on the proper Nero settings that would net a fully compatible DVD.

When by chance I saw someone mention in there post using Aheads Nero Express(not to be confused with Nero Vision) instead and netting a fully compatible DVD.

So today I ran Nero Express and to my surprised enjoyment I was able to produce a DVD that played in both my stand alones :bigsmile:

I spent the good part of the afternoon taking my early collection of DVD back ups, re-ripping them and burning them back using Express. Everyone of them can now be played on all my stand alones.

The beauty about using Express is that it doesn’t bother or confuse you with settings. Nor does it require that you have *._TS folders, all you do when prompted is browse to the directory where your DVD files are, select them all and the rest is done for you transparently.

I also found it to be a few minutes faster then Gear Pro :slight_smile:

Anyhow I just thought the next time someone asks a question about using Nero just point them to Nero Express intead(its packaged with Nero).

P.S. I use one of the cheaper brands of blank media ‘LeadTek’. I just bought 50 blanks for $47US, with free ground shipping, came out to $1.06US each from


Originally posted by o0RaidR0o

P.S. I use one of the cheaper brands of blank media ‘LeadTek’. I just bought 50 blanks for $47US, with free ground shipping, came out to $1.06US each from

erm i hope they were 4x or dvd+r. You can buy DvX brand 1x -r for around $80 for 100 on ebay. I have them, no bad burns yet. Better the ritek.



It may have been my post that you read; the only program that I use for burning pretty much ANYTHING is Nero Express. And I’m using version – which many others keep assuring me doesn’t work. I wonder, really, how many of these “problems” would disappear if people used the Wizard and stopped tweaking settings.

I’ve burned DVDs with that program that have played in several different standalones without a hitch. Can’t say that for CD Creator 5 Platinum – which won’t allow me to create data DVDs with a “disk-at-once” option, and thus close the DVD and make it readable in set tops. (And $70-$100, to ME, is a bit much to pay for the new version, which reportedly will allow you to create video DVDs.)

But all of that’s straying away from my point! (I do that sometimes!) The point is: If you, dear reader, are having trouble with burning a video DVD with Nero, then try the Express interface, and see if that doesn’t solve your problems.


I mentioined I bought Leadtek blanks, oop’s that should have been ‘Lead Data’ sorry about that. Leadtek makes video cards :slight_smile:

This is for EpyxZ, erm do the math buddy before clearing your throat, I said I bought 50 blanks not 100.

I can get the same deal Sale Price: $80/100pcs ($0.80 each), and without having too deal with an auction environment.

Another cool feature about Nero Express is that it will analyze your DVD structure for errors before writing.

Hey writersblock29 you may be right about that. I wish I could have remembered who wrote it so I can give credit.

The main thing here is that we cut through all the confusion and cast light on a simpler solution.