Nero Express, very strange flaw

Nero express which was installed through the full version of Nero 7 Premium, I opened up nero express, put a blank DVD in and dropped a folder on there containing some video files to burn as a data disc.

Went through the motions of burning as usual spinning the drive and hogging system resources, as it was 4gig of files it took a while, then it verified the files, there were no errors reported, it ejected the disc when I clicked finish.

I inserted the DVD I just burnt the files on into the drive, windows recognizes it as a blank disc with 0 bytes on the disc, I explored the disc and there is absolutely nothing to be found.

Tried to reburn using the same method as above, Nero reports that it can’t burn the files because the disc is full? :eek:

I did this 5 more times with new blank DVD’s and different data, and the same thing happened.

Also i’m on a machine with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (All updates to March 2006). And my DVD writer is working it seems, since I have burnt ISO Images to Blank DVDs using Alcohol 120%.

This problem might be fixed by going with the latest Nero 7 version, but I would like to know what has caused this? Is it the Nero software itself, and is the data retrievable?