Nero Express v5.5.9.7 - can't create CD's

I have had Nero Express as above on my machine for a couple of years and have only just started to use it. I can’t get it to create a data disc of digital photos from my hard disk. I’ve tried on 2 different CD blanks and have 2 different error reports:

1.Disk: (only showed copying of 6% before error reported) Maxell CR-R 80XL 700mb: looked like it had worked and copied 100%, then at #20 said: MMC-1135 File Writer.cpp, lIne 331 Write error.

2.Disk: (showed 100% copy before error reported) CD-RW 4x-12x 700mb. Selected the option to ‘match the drive speed found’. At #25 said: MMC-1152 File Writer.cpp, Line 331 Medium speed error.

Can anyone on the forum guide me further to get my CD’s produced?

Thanks, Graham (novice…)

Welcome to the forum.

Can you post more details? First of all, what burner do you have?

Hi geno888,

Thanks for the welcome.

The CD writer is an Artec 48x16x48 CD rewriter ‘with burnproof technology’.

Probably you need to update your firmware. I was not able to find informations about your drive. Can you post more details? Use Nero InfoTool, that you can download from here and post info about your drive and firmware


Ran Nero Info Tool and attach results. Shows I have a [1.0]D:\ARTEC WRR-4848, read & write speed 48X

Software:Nero - Burning Rom; Cover Designer; in CDCD-RW UDF Tools 3.36.0.

ASPI: System ASPI selected, not Nero ASPI.

Does this help?




Nero info tool don’t allow to select a specific ASPI driver; it only show what is installed on your comp. Are System ASPI showed in red or in green?

What version os ASPI drivers do you have? Do you have installed also InCD or only nero? Is DMA active? What is your config?

After run nero infotool, click on “configuration tab”, and then on the little icon showing a floppy disc in high part of nero infotool. In this way you can save an image of your config. Please post this image using “Manage attachment” button on reply page.

Please, post also an image of aspi tab of nero infotool

It might be useful to post the whole of the error log from Nero as there’s plenty of ither information that might help us help you.

Hi geno888,

It says there is no ASPI installed. Have tried to send the attchment - hope it arrives in a usable form. Thanks.

InfoTool Oct 19th 05.TXT (39.3 KB)

Try to install ASPI drivers using ForceASPI. Read all instructions following the link. I have them installed, but I don’t know if can solve your problem.

Another thing: from log file I see that DMA is off on secondart IDE channel. Try to activate DMA also on secondary IDE channel.