Nero Express: running as non-admin and saving options



Nero Express (OEM bundled serial number) is not saving some options for me. I recently started running XP SP2 as non-admin. Installed NeroBurningRights, and all is well until you select “Copy Entire Disc” which fails for non-admins, because the default image file location (single CDR on this box) is on %SystemDrive%\Nero Image.nrg, which a non-admin cannot write to.

I can manually select a file location that is writable, and all works, but it will not save this location, so it hast to be reselected everytime it’s used. I can deal with this, but other computer users find this daunting, as they don’t understand and don’t remember the limitation. Support suggested updating to the lastest version, but there was no change.

This does not occur if I allow “everyone” to have write access to the system drive, but this defeats much of the fundamental reason of running as a non-admin user.

I can think of several ways to attack this problem. I’ll list them briefly below. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

  1. Nero Image.nrg could be saved in the same location as the “Cached Files” option specifes, if the default location fails to allow write access.
  2. Nero could save the location that is navigated to, when the default is over ridden by the user.
  3. NeroBurningRights could detect this issue and report on it, offering a valid work-around consistent with the notion that system security is of high importance.

I am considering upgrading to version 6 Ultra. Is this issue addressed in this version, or will I have this to battle after parting with more of my money?