Nero Express Problem

Hi, I have the nero express program. When I go to burn the CD’s it say’s the burn was successful but when i go to install the burned CD using the control panel add programs, it says windows was unable to find the installion program click browse to find the installation program manually. I have tried typing in the E:\setup.exe but it does not work. It says it can’t be found. What am I doing wrong. I have the nero program set to enable ignore illegal toc, and enable raw reading. Is there something I am missing. Thank you Christina:bigsmile:

what cd are you trying to burn? a copy protected cd? your own compilation?
Nero won’t copy protected cd’s all that well. you need something like clone cd or blindwrite

have u tried browsing the contents of the cd using explorer? and what exactly does the error say when u try to run setup.exe directly from the cd?