Nero express problem



I’m trying to make a dvddata (a lot of cbr &rar files).I installed the new nero ,all the time got error message after 1-2 min.I’m uploading the neroerror log and its systeminfo text.At the 3 time express wrote about 4oo mb on the dvd(memorex 4x dvd+rw), now i’ looking to erase(the complete one)the dvd i get an error (NeroCBUI:disk erasing error)also here .It never happen before (got xp sp1)really dont know what to do. Help!!! :confused: thank u in advance :confused: :confused: :confused:



I think you may be giving your serial number away in the log file !!

May wanna have a look into that PDQ :frowning:


i dont care serial number i just want to know what is the problem with nero express???


i forget to say i get a lg gsa4082b


Try erasing with InCD erase. Since you are using a dvd rw, why don’t you use InCD to write the files. Do an InCD format on the disc, then just copy the files to the dvd.


I was testing nero cd dvd speed got this error:invalid field in CDB(052400)(Checked dma is ok)I read about incd formatting but no erasing,is it the same ??What about the INCD’s settings options;how do i set it???


get dl kprobe to see the dvd quality ;is it ok install this program with W. xp sp1 and nero??


kprobe is for Lite-On drives. Not sure it will work with yours. Just use the defaults for InCD. You can erase with InCD, but you must format the RW before you use it to copy files to.


what about this error:invalid field in CDB(052400)???It was during nero cddvdspered


Are you sure that the disk is alright?
In the log it says something like “medium error”.