Nero Express on Windows XP won't burn

I’m trying to get my Nero Express to work again. I am on a 1-1/2 year old E-machines computer. I have used Nero Express many times to successfully back up data to CDs (mostly jpeg files). I recently tried to use the same program to back up to DVDs. It would say that the burn was successful, but the destination disk was always blank.

Now when I try to burn CDs again, I get the same assurance that the data has been burned successfully, BUT IT HASN’T.

One other clue: It never used to ask me to save a file before, but now it requires that I save an image file before continuing to the burn process.


what is your burner? exactly?

is it reading disks good?

maybe you checked the simulation/test mode checkbox?.. , also its possible the data was burned right but some driver is conflicting and prevents it from being read , try removing the upper&lower filter drivers from the registry and restart , have a look here , as for the image file saving i dont know maybe its related to a certain checkbox? , also maybe its a bug with the nero version your using better get the latest

Try to restore your systesm to few weeks back may be that would resolve the problem.