Nero express not working

Using ver Nero express does not work, If i go to make a data cd and click the add data, Nero just sits and does nothing…it does not open my Dir so i can choose a file to burn.

Its the same wether i use Nero burning rom ( then choose Express) or select it from Smartstart. All the rest of Nero works fine. I can burn a data cd/dvd using Nero burning rom.

This is the 1st problem ive encountered for a long time with nero :eek:

Anyone who can shed some light on this…would be most welcome


O.K. an Update:

I have uninstalled and used the Nero general clean tool…re-installed my from disk…and now Nero express works like a charm.

I haven’t the faintest idea why these updates from Nero wont let me use Nero express. If i want to update to it tells me that the installer is not compatible with my ver of Nero ( and that i have to uninstall from the control panel then run the update. Which of course brings me back to not being able to run Nero Express…very frustrating. :confused:


Did you ever use the clean tool and try again?

yes i used the cleaning tools…but then nero would not install at all…i guess i have to have some part of Nero installed as i’m trying to update,not do a fresh install.

at the moment i’m back to using my old…which works fine :slight_smile: