Nero Express Not Working!

Hi guys. I would surely say there are a few pro’s with nero out there who would help me with a problem I’ve got. first of all, when I open nero express, it gives me a message: “The Win-ASPI file ‘?.?’ cannot be found, therefore you can currently select only image recorders. This missing file is in one of the Windows 95/98/ME files. Please fix this problem and then restart Nero. (Error 12:Init failed!)”. Currently my cd-rom cannot read anything, because there is no cd-rom icon in the My Computer folder, only a shortcut on my desktop & if I click it, this message appears: “E:\ is not accessible. This folder was moved or removed.” Could one of you pro’s please help me with these two problems. I am running on Windows 98 Second Edition. :confused:

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Looks like your Nero aspi layer got damaged. Download and install new from here.
Checking windows aspi might also be a good idea.
Let us know how it goes. :wink: