Nero Express "joliet names"

Using Nero Express, it is driving me crazy… each time I want to burn certain information (it is Data CDs) I have an error… saying that joliet name is not correct (or joliet name of those two files are the same) - and just because of that all the burning fail. The worth is that the files given don’t exist (I don’t see them on the computer nor on the CD)
I unchecked the “checking joliet names”
Please help!!!

rainbow (or anyone else), did you ever figure out the problem you asked about above? I have the same issue while trying to back up a folder in data mode. I’m using Nero Express 5.5 which came with my CDRW. I get a message saying that Joliet names are the same and I can not find the files listed anywhere???

I copied another data folder just fine, but this particular folder is causing problmes for me.

I finally found the solution…
Actually I could find the file which was too long (in the favorites if I remember well…).
Actually the system the joliet system shows only the 8 first letters, so I finally found which files it was and could rename them so that they were shorter.
What I still don’t understand is why there is problem with joliet names even when that option is unchecked…
So it is really coming from the length of the name - more than 128 (or 64?) letters or something like that… it is often in favorites names as there you often don’t choose the name as it is directly given by the website builder.
I hope that helps you

I thought the default Joliet allows 64 char file names, you are saying 8 or less?

yes, you are right, it is 64

I found the problem file! Your info was helpful. Thanks again!