Nero express file burning order?

So I got some memorex (ritek) dual layer disks that won’t burn for crap (I knew ahead of time they might not but had to learn my leson the hard way). So if I wind up getting stuck with them, if I burn data on them and insert a dummy file in the middle (in therory where the drives switches layers), will nero express actually burn the files onto the disk in the order they were listed?
I already tried burning the first layer on one drive, and the second layer on another drive, and that didn’t work too well. It seems the worst part seems to always be where it switches layer. Looking at other peoples scans, I almost wonder if all dual layer media mountains up to a few hundred on the scan around the layer break? So if I order my files in the compilation list, to have a dummy file where it should switch layers, will it actually burn the files onto the disk in the order they were listed?

From my experience (on single layer), Nero Express burns the disc in the order of the files added to the compilation - despite not being in alphabetical order. You can double check after the burn by doing scan disk in CD-DVD Speed, which will show you the location of each file in the disc. I normally ‘arrange’ the files during the compilation to keep ‘filler’ files in the start and esp. the end (where I am prone to getting PIF spikes on certain media). Cheers. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. Compusa actually took back the open pack so I just got my money back. They have refused to take back open media in the past so either policy changed or it depends on what manager you get. It might be helpfull to know this with dual layer in general though. It seems many of the scans I have seen, seem to spike up pretty high, right around the change in recording layers.