Nero Express error on starting program

I have just installed a new CD-ReWriter on a Windows 2000 Profession computer. The hardware is branded by KHypermedia and is the 48X/24X model KHRCW482448. The hardware package include a CD containing Nero Express v5.5.9.15D.

Previously I had a CD-ReWriter that came with a copy of Nero (not Express). It was locked to work with only that particular drive. The drive had developed problems writing so I decided to replace it. I uninstalled that copy of Nero using Add/Remove Programs. Then I installed the Nero Express that came with the new recorder.

Every time I try to start Nero Express I get an error message box stating that Nero.exe has generated errors and must be closed by Windows and that an error log is being generated. Looking at the DrWatson error log I see exception c0000005 (access violation) each time.

I downloaded the update for Nero Express and installed it. Same problem.

I downloaded and ran the various cleaner utilities. Then reinstalled, same problem.

Any ideas?

The only thing that I find a little odd is that the program does not ask for a key while installing and one is not included with the disk. The registry entry for the key is blank.


Herb Cumbie