Nero Express DVD project interface



I had Nero Express 5.5.10.? installed that came as an OEM disk with a CDRW drive (not NeroVision Express). I had been using the VCD project interface which is great : Add mpg files to the project, tweak the menu, burn, voilà … a VCD that plays on most standalone DVD players. With my DVD-RAM recorder, the same software provided the exact same interface for DVD creation (DVD was added to the Video Project menu): add the mpg files (formatted for DVD of course), same menu options, burn, and again a simple, but stable DVD that worked.

I installed the Nero 6 demo and NeroVIsion Express 6 demo and this interface (to make a DVD the same way as VCD/SVCD) isn’t there: it requires the DVD files already built (VOB, BUF in the VIDEO_TS folder). SO I uninstalled and reinstalled from my OEM disk and now it no longer has the interface I want. Did I have another version of Nero installed instead? Is there some setting, plugin, codec I’m missing that turns off this interface. I know I wasn’t dreaming - I have the DVDs to prove it.


Yes Nero requires an extra ‘pay’ plugin in order to encode to VCD compliant video.


You post is most confusing. With Nero 6 what exactly were you trying to do. Nero Vision Express is more of an authoring program. You needed to use Nero Express to make VCD/SVCD’s, if that’s what you are trying to do.

To get your old interface back try here: