Nero Express DVD burner - "illegal disc"

Hi all :smiley: - am new to the forum - hope someone can help.

Trying to copy all my digital pics to DVD (was told that this is a good, stable storage medium), but Nero Express keeps giving me the following message at the end of the unsuccessful attempt:

Illegal disc

I have no idea what that means - the discs were bought brand new from a local, reputable supplier. Any ideas? :confused:

I am no techie, so pls keep the jargon at a minimum.

btw, my computer has a DVD burner, so I don’t think that’s the problem.


Stable storage medium? That depends on who you talk to, the quality of the blank dvds and how you take care of the disks. 5yrs with good media? I think you could be safe. 10yrs? Well, we’re speculating now. I suggest saving digital pictures on Taiyo Yuden cds, which have a longer track record for excellence, dvds (Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are both good) and backing them up on hard drives. You can set aside an external hard drive to use only as storage for your important data.

Verbatim can be found in local stores. TY media is easier found online at shops like or if you are in the US.

On to your problem. What disks are you using now and what is the make and model burner that you have? Do us a favor and download a program called Nero CD/DVD Speed and look under the disk info tab. It will show the manufacturer id code for the disks you are using.

Oh and I forgot to add, the illegal disk error may mean you need to update the firmware for the drive.