Nero express burning VCD error



Hai all, Iam new to this forum. While trying to make a copy of my wedding CD I am getting the following error(as attachments) while trying to add the file to Nero Express 6. OS is Windows XP proffessional. CDrewitable ultraspeed, liteon. Hope u guys can help me out.
Thanks in advance


If you want to copy the disc, select Copy Entire Disc from Nero Express’ opening screen. Do not add files by hand.


Thanks for the reply. In nero express Can I copy entire disc with one drive. I have only one drive. No two drive.


@ ittyjohn
Welcome:). Yes, you can copy a CD without 2 drives using the ‘copy disc’ feature. Nero will copy the disc to your HDD, then burn the files to a disc.


Thanks a lot. Let me try this out. Appreciate your earnest help.


As please stated, you don’t need to have two drives to copy a disc.

One way to accomplish it with just one drive is to burn to an image file, then burn that image to a CD-R. In Nero Express’ Preferences/Expert Features check the Enable all supported recorder formats for the Image Recorder checkbox. Then you can select Image Recorder from the What drive would you like to use? drop-down box.

You can keep the image file on your hard drive in case you need to burn another copy in the future without having to read the original disc again.