Nero Express -> Burning ROM?

I’ve been using Nero 5 for awile now and i just recently picked nero “ultra” for $7 only to find out that it only comes with Nero Express… now in the later versions of Nero 5 you could add some stuff to the command line to switch between express and the full version so i was wondering if that was possible with Nero 6. Or are the Express and full versions two seperate pieces of software now?


You should have 2 icons to start the applications(Express/ROM) - not sure why u want a command line? However, when u watch the properties of those pgm icons very closely you will find the command line (switch) in place! Basically it is one application with 2 UIs :slight_smile:

Is this the case with the OEM versions as well, or just the full Ultra version? I’m asking this question since I notice that on-line retailers sell separate Express and Burning ROM OEM versions of Nero 6.

It is true: Nero Express and Nero 6. are provided by resellers separately. I got only Nero Express, for instance with my CD Burner.

The Nero Express version is the ultra light version - there is only Express. U need the full version to be able to switch between Nero ROM and Express.

What is the difference feature-wise between the two OEM versions?

The OEM version has limited capabilities (less plug ins built) while retail version is maximizes on features and function.

TCAS - my question is on the difference between the OEM version of Nero Express and the OEM version of Nero Burning ROM.

Nero ROM shows options like burning CD/DVDs in different formats like UDF/ISO etc. and more. Express has zilch options - u just select your device (CD/DVD), what u want to burn (audio, data, image, bootable) and the files to burn… that’s all about it. The full version package also includes a media player, a simple audio editor and inCD a troublesome drag 'n drop file to cd tool.

The Nero Vision Express (either retail or OEM) is a module embadded in to Nero Burning ROM with much limited capability but more user friendly and very simplestic one. Nero Burning ROM as previous poster descibed it has more capability and require little more skil.

Is there somebody else who thinks that Nero 6 OEM should come with nero burning rom ?
I mean isnt it a lie to sell Nero 6 OEM and then the most important part isnt there ?
1 Year ago it was the opposite nero 5.5 could be modified so you could use express and now they simply put express without nero burning rom on the cd thats cruel. :Z

Less than month ago when I bought my NEC ND-3500AG came with what they call Nero OEM Suite which to my surprise is only Nero Express 6 & NerVisionExpress 2 with no Nero Burning ROM. .I guess that all you get for free, basic burning tools.

there is no such thing for ‘free’ - people do pay for Nero by buying the burner. I find that Nero ROM should be the default interface even for OEM suits.

I had been under the impression that some Nero 6 OEM versions, such as the one advertized here, contain the Nero Burning ROM module, but it appears that this is not the case based on discussions I’ve read on various forums.

How is Nero 6 Express compared to Ulead Burn.Now (which is distributed e.g., with the Pioneer burner retail version DVR-A08XL) in terms of features and useability?