Nero Express, Burning Rom, Other?

After doing quite a bit of reading in the various forums, I find that I need a little advice. I had been using Record Now 4.5 with my previous burner with good result (I think- there were some DVD coasters that I could not determine the cause of). When I upgraded to a BenQ 1640, it came with Nero Express OEM (Suite 3, I think). This seems to work fine as well. Now, my quandry: do I upgrade to the full version of Nero Suite? stay with Express? or look at something else? My burning needs are as follows, in order:

  1. Data disks, both CD and DVD
  2. Copying music disks (non protected only)
  3. mp3 compliations on CD
  4. DVD movie burning from my home movies (all editing, etc done in Pinnacle Studio)
  5. Some copying of those home movie DVD’s

I thought about waiting some time to see if I need the added features of Nero Suite 6, but at some point soon, it will probably not be available, and no one seems to like Suite 7. If I wait too long, and want the features, will I still be able to order 6? Those of you with similar burning needs- did you find the added features of Suite 6 worth the $55 Nero wants now?

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings- any suggestions will be appreciated.



This slim application enables easy creation of all type CD/DVD. It combines all the elements of professional CD recording, including a support for multi-session disks, creation of bootable disks, buffer underrun protection, test writing, optimal power calibration, etc. All this is delivered in one skinable user interface to please your eye :slight_smile: