Nero Express and Power Producer 2 question

Sorry maybe two very dumb questions - but here goes

Nero Express is an OEM version, came with the burner.

Anyway I have 3 x 20min DVD files I want to copy to a DVD - I can burn them easy enough. But I have not been able to figure out how to put chapters or menus in. When I put the disk into the DVD player, I have to fast foward through 40 minutes to watch the last one. Is there something I am missing here, or simply this program does not allow you to do what I am trying to do

Second question

Power Producer 2 - I can create chapters in this, however the burn time is almost glacial. To burn one hour of content can take up to three hours. Is there something in the settings I am missing, or is a slow burn time something I just have to deal with on this program.

I think this is also an OEM version as well

Thanks in advance

To insert chapters in the DVD files, you need an authoring application. If I recall correctly, Ahead (Nero) have unfortunately named their very different burning wizard (Nero Express) and their authoring program (Nero Vision Express) rather similarly. Since you have the former, you won’t be able to put in chapters.

Power Producer 2 is an authoring app, but probably decided to re-encode the video and why it’s taking so long. If your original material was DVD-Video compliant (ie it meets the standards), then it shouldn’t need re-encoding but this is a regrettable feature of some authoring applications, that they won’t automatically take account of starting material that is fine to just re-organise and burn.