Nero Express and CloneCD Virtual Drive

Just an observation. If I use Nero Express to do a disk copy (unprotected CD), my CloneCD virtual drive automatically shows up as the “Source” drive and my ASUS CD-RW correctly shows up as the “Destination” drive.

If I change the “Source” drive over to my Toshiba DVD drive, the Destination drive field goes blank and no drive can be chosen in it.

Switching over to the full Nero interface, I find the chosen recorder is now the Image Recorder. I change this back to the ASUS and use the Copy CD compilation and make my copy OK.

The bottom line is that I can no longer use Nero Express to make a simple copy if CloneCD’s virtual drive is installed.

Any comments? Thanks.

Removed the CloneCD virtual drive by uninstalling and re-installing and this problem went away.

I have been having the same problem.

What version of Nero do you use ?

I have this problem with 5.5.10 have you tried any other version ?

I’ve been pulling my hair out with this deal.

glad to see I’m not alone.

I never realy use nero for disk to disk copy that’s why I have clone but I like to have the option.

I think I will keep my clone virtual drive installed because I use it a ton because I’m too lazy to put the cd in the drive :wink:

What I thought was the solution was not. I then went back to ASPI v4.60…no luck. I even did a complete uninstall of Nero, including a Registry cleanout, and went with a clean install. I had also eliminated my CloneCD virtual drive previously.

Got it to work the first time and thought I was home free. Just tried it now, after reading your post. No joy!

This is definitely a Nero Express software problem, nothing we can do about it except wait for the next upgrade and hope it solves it. Ticks me off that I went through all of this work, got it to work once, and now it doesn’t.

Guess that is computing, keeps it interesting. It would kinda be boring if everything worked. You would never learn anything.

Yep it’s totaly NERO I went back to and it seems ok now.

Only thing is that when doing a clean install with that version the help files are missing…lol

I guess I could install the copy on disk that I have from when I put my new burner in but why should I have to put in an older version and install a new one right over the top of it.

What is the last version of Nero that has everything working…l’m going to put that in…lol

I love NERO but these are huge bugs that I cant believe someone didnt catch before it was released.

I pray they put out a fix asap.

Do they even know there is a problem ?

Download the English Language files to get the help files. Don’t ask me why, but there they are.

I like Nero also, mainly cause I’m used to it. But I’m getting a little irritated lately. Several versions of InCD crashing my un-crashable XP system, etc.

LOL…thanks for the heads up on the help files. The reason I laugh is because I just figured that out and was going to post somthing like…DOH!!! I found the help files once I took the time to look through the nero download page.

Thanks for the help and the quick reply.

I think I’m going to stay with for now.

lol…I think I’m going to give up…lol

I downloaded the language files they have posted and they only work with 5.5.10…lol

So I would have to put that back on to install them…lol

Does anyone archive this stuff…I guess I will have to poke around the web and see if I can find the files.

HERE IS one FTP archive.

Man, I’ve got more Nero .hlp, .chm, and .pdf files than I know what to do with. Don’t know which are the latest. Three for InCD, three for Nero, two for Wave Editor, one for CDSpeed, two for Cover Designer, and two for Nero Express.

On top of this, when I do a clean install, I get zero, zip, nothing. Guess I accumulated these through numerous updates. I keep copying them back when I do a clean install.

Makes it real interesting when I want to look something up. I kind of like what I think are the older ones best.

I’m with ya.

I wish they would just put them all in one clean install.

I think I may put 5.5.10 back on install the help files and then cut and paste them to another folder then put the other version back on…lol

The archive that rdgrimes posted has a bunch of cool stuff (thank you) but I couldnt find the language pack for :frowning:

While I only use the writer for data backups, my 15 year old son likes to burn audio cd’s. In fact, I’ve NEVER burned an audio cd! However, using Nero, the burn process wouldn’t conclude until I manually ended the task! It reported all kind of errors, although the cd appears to have been burned properly. Rather than waste hours experimenting and burning coasters, I simply uninstalled and loaded Everything now works great!

I hate to jump to conclusions, but me thinks there’s bug in the new version.