Nero Express Add Files Problem

I just did a re-install of my Windows XP, and installed all my other programs as well.

Everything works just as good as before, except for one feature in Nero Express.

When I go to add files, and click on a video file, it tries to render that video on the left side.

This is because for some reason the FFDshow codec is started.

This didn’t happen on my system prior to the reinstall.

I have been looking for a way to disable this feature, but I can’t find it.

Any help would be welcome.

I am currently running Nero Ultra, soon to upgrade to 7.

I know it’s not the re-install of Windows XP because I do 1 to 3 reinstalls a month on average.

(I test a lot of software)

Here is a picture of what I mean.

Though my contribution may not be useful, it looks to me as if it is a windows config issue and not a Nero one as windows ‘supplies’ the dialogue box and not Nero. I have just spent about 10 mins on my test PC trying to reproduce this, but I couldn’t. Maybe I had to do some reboots between my changes (some registry changes seem to need one to take, others don’t).

Good luck, espcially as this soret of thing drives me nuts. I’d loose sleep over it…sad but true <g>.

Thanks for the quick response…

After I made this thread, I started seeing the codec popping up in my system tray for all sorts of programs…

So, for the time being, I have uninstalled the codec, and the problem is gone…

I may have installed it incorrectly, or didn’t set it up right…

I’ll reinstall it at the end of the month before I do the next Win XP reinstall, and try to figure it out then…

(God I can’t wait to get my other 2 systems back on line)