Nero express 7 essentials (ver.

I just purchased a Samsung SH-S223F DVD Writer and it came with Nero Express & Essentials (Ver., InCD Essentials, Nero Vision Essentials, Nero BackItUp Essentials, Nero ShowTime Essentials, Nero Recode Essentials. I already had Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD, and when I installed the new Samsung drive I started burning with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD and had no problems reading older DVD disks, but when I tried to read newer DVD disks I couldn’t read them. So I installed the Nero software and then I could read newer disks and had no problem reading and burning newer disks with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. So later on I thought of Nero and wanted to play with it and burn a couple disks with this new software of mine. I burned three disks and they were prefect, but the software while I was burning seem to respond slow and at some times not even respond at all. I have a Dell inspiron 530S with a Pentium Dual-Core and Windows Vista Basic, I don’t have alot of programs to hang my computer up and my computer acts fine with all of it’s other programs just this program acts like this and I don’t like it, please give my some answers. :bow:

Hi Soultaker51 and Welcome:

I’m a little confused by your post so let me make the following observations.

Your limited version of Nero (Essentials) is compatible with Vista so that’s good.

If you installed InCD, I suggest you remove it as packet writing (especially InCD) is at best, problematic.

What are you burning with Nero (commercial DVD backups, data files, etc.) and how long do the burns take? Can you provide burning logs which are often available at the end of a Nero session. What media are you using? Confirm your computer is in DMA Mode using the following link and make certain you are using quality media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden).

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If I remove InCD will I be able to read and write up to date current disks? I rent from Blockbuster and burn me a copy are two witch is copy right protected and not sure what format I’m using. I burn at at 8x but I can burn up to 18x, with Nero it takes about 15 to read 15 to write at 8x, but with CloneDVD2 it takes about a little more than half the time at 8x. What is DMA Mode I’m a little new at this. My issue is the response of Nero win I’m burning it doesn’t want to respond well.

Ultra DMA Mode 5 is that good or bad? I’m using Maxell DVD-R and DVD+R good or bad?

UDMA 5 is not a Optical drive UDMA it is your hdd. Second of all if you are renting your discs and copying them from Blockbuster I cannot help you. You can only backup discs you own. I will close this thread now.:cop:

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I rent from Blockbuster and burn me a copy are two witch is copy right protected and not sure what format I’m using.