Nero Express 6


I am new to CD burning and have just set up an external CD/DVD Combo drive with Nero Express 6.

I am able to burn to CD-R’s but please can someone advise me as to the method of burnign to CD-RW’s. Do they have to be formatted first? If so, how do I do this, as there’s no mention of this in the manual.

Thanks. :smiley:

You can use a cd-rw as a normal cd-r.

You can rewrite the cd-rw up to 1000 x (In teori).

I have stopped using cd-rw, and bought a USB memory stick (1024 mb).

I find the memory stick is much more usefull.

You have 2 ways to use a rw disc:

    • UDF format via packet software (problematic stuff, but allows you to use a CD-RW like if it was a large floppy disk);
    • As jbv indicated to you - as a normal cd-r that you know you can use again for a number of times (avoid multissession burns).
      If you go for 1 - format using you package (ex. InCD for Nero, Drag to Disc for Roxio)
      If you go for 2 - "use the erase RW facility of you software (via the menu for Nero, don’t know for Roxio), before you use it again.

Do I need to format the CD-RW in Nero Express 6 first? If so, how do I do this?

Nope, Nero will do it for you if necessary.

How does Nero do this? If I insert a CD-RW into my drive, what happens next?