Nero Express 6 w/ liteon dvd - can't make dupe copy

hi. you must have heard this one before.

i burn a dvd data multisession. save the project .nri

then i want to burn a second copy, load the .nri but all the files are greyed out and the size is listed as only 0.8mb, if i try to burn, it spits out the blank dvd and asks for the disc “containing prevous backup sessions.”

.nri files are not images of your disc, but a save file of how your disc layout looks.
The greyed out icons are because the files they are pointing at are either deleted off your hard disc or moved somewhere else, so Nero it just showing you they cannot be backed up until you tell it where those files have gone (that’s why the size is so small).

the files have not been deleted, or moved. i just burned them, then put in another disk to burn a second copy, using the project i just saved in the .nri file, following the instructions exactly in the help file, but in the help file, the image shows the icons in normal solid color. So it’s not functioning as it should.

and i only have one .nri file.

edit: the icons are fine, it’s the directory names next to them that are grayed out.

edit: it also on top says, “Disc Content Add data to your disc.”

so the question is, how do i tell it that i want to re-burn the set again?

I have just made a compilation saved it to .nri, quit and started nero again and it worked fine.

The only time I have seen it do that is when you are continuing a multisession disc. If this is what you are selecting then try (or make sure) you select new or no multisession and hopefully that will do the job.

Another way is to quit Nero all together and double click on the .nri, that should start it and choose the “make new multisession disc” for you.