Nero Express 6 & Nerovision 2



Hi - I’m new on the block ! Recently bought Computer (Windows XP) and camcorder, external dvd rewriter so I’m struggling trying to understand it all. Please therefore be patient.
Rewriter came with Nero which I don’t find that easy. I have about 1000 photos in “my pictures” which I want to put on a slide show with titles, chapters etc. I get so far and box pops up “unable to insert pictures because max 99 would be exceeded” Can’t see from the help screens how to get all my pictures on a single DVD for playback on tv. The pictureline on bottom stops after 99 pictures.Is it possible or am I missing something obvious? Also transferring the files to the storyline gets very slow the further I go.
Someone said I have to format the blank dvd’s first - what’s this mean?
When I have other “my picture” folders in due course, can I tag them on to the dvd previously made?
Any help in plain English would be appreciated.


This is a necessary step for rewritable DVDs (+ or - RW), and is not required for write once DVDs (+ or - R)…


Right got that but how do I format the RW DVD’ds
Do you know how to get over the 99 max slides on slideshow?


There are several Nero 6 updates avalible at Neros website. Major updates too. These solve many problems. Maybe this will help you out.


Under the Data symble it gives you the option to format R/W’s