Nero Express 6 Crashing when Burning to DVD-RW

I tried burning my ripped DVD files from my HD to DVD using Nero Express. I was recording on DVD -RW and when it was 3% into the project, Nero crashed and I couldn’t get it to close down After waiting about 5 min. I shut down Nero, but my DVD was still spinning in the tray, so I couldn’t even remove it. After another 5 minutes, the disc stopped and it finally ejected. I was curious if Nero actually burned 3% of my DVD…and it did. So why did it crash???

I am going to erase the RW and try it again with Nero. Does anyone out there know how to rectify the problem? Should I use a different burning software, and if so, which would be the best freeware to do that?

I heard people saying that they had problems burning to DVD-RW using Nero, but I am not sure if this is the case.

Dazed and confused

Maybe it helps using Nero burning ROM instead of Express - I know from an older version there is (mabe it’s fixed) a memory leak in Express causing some trouble under certain circumstances.
I never used Express again since then…

I got the uber version of Nero 6, it STILL has a memory leak and a bad one at that. Never mind the clunky interface, which I can deal with, even if it frustrates me, but its more than annoying to have to go to the task manager to kill off multiple instances of Nero.exe processes.

Anybody got any freeware/shareware options to Nero? I don’t mind if it is a bit clunky in the interface dept., Nero manages to be that way itself so that won’t be a minus.

currently I am using Nero Express 6.6 and this leak bug is gone - at least for me. Here is a freeware:

Nero has problems with RW media. Either it crashes or it destroys the previous data on the RW disc.

That was my experince. So, I gave up on using RW media with Nero.

Hmm, I am using +RWs for data backup (nearly every day) and don’t have such a problem. :confused: