Nero Express bundled - Changing bitrate

I’m having a problem burning DVD’s from DVD’s. I am getting a lot of the movie copied, but then I get an error message saying that there is a reading problem and the burner stops. When I play back the burned copy, I get a lot, but not all of the movie. I tried solving this problem myself by going to Nero’s website. Under their Product FAQ’s, I found the following reference:

"6. How many minutes of video can I burn on one DVD?

By decreasing the bitrate you will be able to burn up to 360 minutes on one DVD.

Quality Recording time
High Quality 60 min
Standard Play 120 min
Long Play 180 min
Extended Play 240 min
Super Long Play 360 min "

But for the life of me, I cannot determine how to set the bitrate. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been at this for 4 days now!

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

@ Cool_Jet
welcome:). You can try a program like DVDShrink , which compresses a DVD movie to fit exactly on a single layer disc. The program is free:)

Thanks for your help please! I just checked out the link and the product reviews of DVDShrink and they all look pretty favorable. Before I download and install, just one newbie question: Does this program install itself into Nero Express or do I have to use two programs to record DVD’s? Thanks again please. You made my day! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Happy new year to you ,too!
Glad you liked the link. It is what I use and I am happy with it.
DVDshrink is a separate program. There is a box to check in DVDShrink config options to select Nero as the default burning engine, so it burns using nero seamlessly. You can burn using other programs, but you will have to open them manually. DVDShrink does NOT burn on its own…it only rips/compresses/reauthors

Just one more dumb question. If I check in DVDShrink config options to select Nero as the default burning engine, to burn a DVD then, do I open DVD Shrink or Nero? Or both? Duh @ me! Thanks again please!

@ Cool_Jet
With DVDShrink open, right after the rip is done, dvdshrink will ask for a blank disc and use nero in its own GUI to burn the disc. You will have to do nothing except load a blank disc.

Too cool! Thanks please! I’m off to download to install DVD Shrink!

Rats! :a I just went to the download page and got message: “CANNOT FIND SERVER: The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.”

Is there another site where I can download? :iagree: Thanks again! :bow:

Great news please :slight_smile: - I found an alternate download site by doing a Google Search and downloaded DVDShrink and installed it. I tried the software and used its features to delete a lot of “extras” and was able to run a copy at 98.5% compression which turned out beautifully!!! It’s people like you who make a real difference by sharing your knowledge with others. I can’t thank you enough please. You da man!!! :bow:

:cool: Cool_Jet

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Thanks…glad I could help