Nero Express 6.3 - New with Nero - HELP!

:slight_smile: I got Nero Express 6.3 alongwith my Samsung Combo Drive. Can I upgrade it to Nero which has ImageDrive facility? If so, what is the version of that Nero? What is the difference between Ultra, Express and OEM version of Nero?

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@ rajesh266
Welcome:). If your OEM does not have ImageDrive, the Ultra version does. You can upgrade from an OEM version to the latest Ultra version,6.6, but it will cost money. Just go to the nero website and follow links for nero 6 ultra and ‘upgrade’. Ultra versions have all the bells and whistles(there may be a few plug-ins not included but can be bought), Express is a simplified GUI of nero burning ROM(Express would be considered OEM in your case as it came with the drive) and OEM is the stripped-down version supplied with a burner.

Thanks, ‘please’! That was a neat reply…

Question to Nero 6.3 OEM user. Or someone who knows the answer to my newbie question. I just installed a new LiteOn 1673s burner and it came with PowerDVD 5 and Nero bundled. I had an earlier version on Nero 5.5. With the old version, when I would burn a Data disk it would tell me that it used ISO 9660 at the end of the burn. The new version does not indicate this at all. My question is: Does this new version automatically burn a Data disc at ISO 9660 as the default setting???
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Disregard my last post in regards to ISO 9660 with Nero Express. It does burn in the ISO format. I just made a disc and it worked very well. This version does not give any indication of the ISO format, but apparently it does do it when making a Data CD-R using Multisession.
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