Nero express 6.0

Team–misplaced my nero express software that came with my lite on 1635 external dvd burner…hate to pay for one when it will turn up someday–Is there a free download of this out there?..i used it with DVD Shrink Thanks

Look in the same page of your post it says free Nero 6.3, here:

This may seem a blast from the past for you, but I have the same problem
When I opened the link you supplied I got a page that appeared “out of date” – possibly no suprise after this lapes in time
Do you have a more retcent up to date link, as I to am reluctant to pay for the more current versions, I only need the software for erasing Re- writes and the disc Info facility provoded by Nero or can you suggest a program that will do same DFDFab Platinum is my work horse for ALL else!!!
Thanks IN Anticipation
Regards Clive

Try this link

Thanks BEAN55
You wont belive the sites I’ve checked and been offered eveything from Nero 9 to cheap Christmas Cards
It is so much easier when you know where to look
Many thanks again
Download in procces
Respects Clive

Most software is on their respective MFG. web sites, they just bury it and push the most recent stuff.

It’s all in how you word your search phrase, even here at CDFreaks it’s all in how you phrase it.

Happy Burning