Nero express 2

Hello I installed Aopen dvd burner in my computer

Burner came bundled with nero 6 software

compuer has pentium 3 and meets requirements for burner.

I have been able to burn 3 dvds so far.1 full movie and a couple half hour shows on seperate dvds.
My latest attempts to burn movies from files downloaded from p2p have failed.
I Follow express 2 through to burning begins,starts trancoding movie for long while
then it fails I get Error -58 -disk full
source -vobs
description there is not enough space on the disk

Error cause 128 nmc processin exception
source -vobs m on guarded processing description excemption during encoding.
I do not speak clingon could you please tell me what this means thanks

possibles: 1. you have not enough space on hard drive [in the temp/work folder that NVE2 uses]. configure a larger folder area.

  1. FAT file system. NTFS might be better

100% right on the free space

lets expand bit bout that , FAT32 maximum file size is 4gb while NTFS have no limit , anyway as he alredy said he burned so far 3 dvds so file system probably not the case

anyway you mean nerovision express and not the regular express
the version your using isnt the latest it might not be related to the problem but it probably have some bug fixes/improvments so worth gettin latest NVE is

T gobbler here.I read the previous replies I messed around trying to configure larger folder area and I came to the conclusion I just dont know what Im doing.
you could train a monkey to burn cds why are dvds so difficult.
I reinstalled the nero version just for the helluvit.
My pc is running on windows me
Could you please give me a rundown on how to go about that thanks.
You da man.

How long (play time) are the videos you are trying to convert? Keep something in mind. dvd format uses mpeg 2 which is not a very high compression format compared to divx or something like that. A 500-600 meg divx could easilly become larger than 4gb when converted to dvd. How big and what what file format is your source? Second, how much free space do you have on your hard drive? It is good to have about 8 gig minimum, 10 or 12 would be beter. You don’t nesasarilly have to have that much but windows doesn’t like running low on disk space and dvd can take a lot of working space.

Hello the movie is about 2 hours long
700 mb
avi file

I double clicked on local disk [c:]
capacity 19.0 gb
used 15.2 gb
free 3.86 gb

that is defanatlly your problem right thier. 3.86 gb is not enough to deal with dvd. That 700mb file when converted to mpeg 2 might fit on a 4.3 gb (or whatever) dvd, but you have to have enought space on your hard drive for that 4.3 gig that is going onto the dvd plus you need hard drive working space for your computer programs.
In all honesty, plan on either having half your hard drive empty
start deleting stuff), or beter yet, get another hard drive.
By the way, what is the model of you aopen dvd burner? I hate to tell you this, but while the aopen dvd burners are exelent (very exelent) cd burners, they have some issues with dvd. Unlike most drives, thier is not a forum here for aopen drives(sorry but they are too crappy to deserve a forum of thier own).
Before you look at a new dvd drive though, first consider that you need more hard drive space first, for any dvd drive to work.
Second, consider that I am one of the three people that support the aopen drive on this forum.
Here is the thread
Your drive is an exceptional cd burner/reader. Your drive is probably a very good dvd reader (and yes that makes a diffrence). Unfortunatlly, your burner has good hardware, but mediocre at best firmware to support it. I am guessing that from your system, your money is limited (and you need a new hard drive). Please take the time to read thorugh the aopen thread (glance through it, I wouldn’t expect you to read every word).
If you can afford another dvd burner, get one (nec, benq etc), if not, I’ll try to help you make it work (solid burner, just crappy firmware). I’m sure that we can make your drive perform well (it can perform well, it is just that your media choices will be limited). feel free to pm me. I have very little free time sometimes (10 week old baby, full time job and a weekly post I do here), but I’ll get back to you eventually.
Eventually, ok that sounded really crappy, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can?!?

The model is AOpen 16xdvd+r/rw 8.5 gb
how much stuff would I have to delete off hard drive
You are right I am kinnda on a budget I even bought my computer used
This is my first computer I have owned.

Those are the specifications of the drive. The model should be 1608 or 1616 (or maybe thier is a newer model out now but I don’t think so). Anyway, its kind of a guessing game on how much to delete. I have substantially more space on my computers (but about as much free space as you on some drives, lol). Thier is not an exact number on how much hard drive space is required. the bigger the vid file, the more space you need to deal with it. All I can say is try to free up 6-8 gig and try again (you might get it done with that much space, you might not). Thats generally enough for dvd (I think???) but kind of running bare minimum.
In all honesty though, you need a second hard drive. a 19 gig hard drive is pretty small (then again, I have so much crap on my computer it is pathetic). I you have nothing on your computer you could work whith a 19 gig drive easy.

Is there a good way to free up lots of disk space.
I cant seem to get more than 4.36 gb free space
ran advanced system optimiser
uninstalled useless programs,some wont even uninstall
disk clean up
deleted lots of crap files
what else can i do


Sounds like you found most of the solutions. If you havent tried it, go into control pannel and then add/delete programs to try to get rid of the ones you don’t want. Without knowing what is on your hard drive it is hard to say further. what I usally do when I need to free up space is go through properties of each main folder to see how large it is and see what is taking up most of the space, and go from there.

Hello I managed to free up enough disk space
aopen burner model is 1608/ARR

Here is a thread where we have discussed it quite a bit. If you take the time to read through it, I have posted several scans with various firmwares. If you tell me what firmware you are running, when I have some time I can look through some scans and see what media works well with it (if you are not sure what firmware you are running, then you probably need to update your firmware). Your drive can do error scanning by the way (though it is slow) to see how well it burned.

Opps, forgot the link though it is the same as the one a few posts up

I went to the properties and it said
firmware revision AO70

I think that is what my drive had when I bought it. I have tried some of the older firmwares too as well as a080 and the 1616 firmwares. My sugestion for now would be to flash to a080 (if memory serves is did beter than a070). a080 is probably the newest firmware that you are going to get. It seemed that when they came out with the new model (1616) they quit releasing new firmware for the 1608. The only diffrence between the 1608 and 1616 is firmware. You can use hacked firmware to convert your drive to a 1616, but I wouldn’t sugest that right now (keep it in mind as an option for down the road though). Using any kind of hacked firmware will void your warranty. Thats why I say wait. Flashing to a080 firmware will not void your waranty as it is official aopen firmware. here is the a080 firmware (the R1.08 file). It is a windows flasher, so just download and save it, then double click it. Make absolutlly sure that you have the right drive selected. It should refuse to work with anyother drives in your system but if for some reason it acidentally did, it would probably kill the drive).
I looked through some of my scans with a080 firmware. Thier is no guarentee that since it burned good on my drive it will burn good on your drive, but at least it is a place to start. I would recomend maxell002, cmcmage01, or mcc003 media. That probably doesn’t mean much to you if you are new. those are the media codes of the disks. The media code identifies the true manufacture and model of the disk and can be read off a blank disk. Luckilly, two of the media codes are easy.
maxell 8x+r media is almost always maxell002 (but it can also be ricohjpnr02 or ritekr03). It is a pretty safe bet that it will be maxell002, but read the media code to be sure using dvd identifier (free program, do a google for it).
Verbatium 16x+r is always mcc003.
cmcmage01 is a little tougher. it is 8x+r media and you can buy media from tdk, phillips, staples brand, memorex or a dozzen or more other brands of media might be cmcmage01. Also, with some of these brands it is very liklly that you will get cmc where with others you may get cmc or any of several diffrent other media codes. If you read some of the threads in the bargain basment for whats on sale, keep an eye out for cmc.
maxell is on sale at office depot. verbatium might be on sale at best buy or elsewhere (if it is not it probably will be at best buy soon). Thier is more than liklly something on sale that is cmc.
I would sugest getting either the verbatium 16x+r or the maxell 8x+r, but don’t buy a lot, just get a smaller pack. Try them, scan them and see what you get. When you have the disks and have burned a few things I can help with scanning them.
Fyi if you want to see my scans, scans with firmware a080 start somewhere on ppage three of the link I gave you before.

Thanx I downloaded firmware
before I did I tried to burn a couple dvds
one was good the other played like the pause button was being pressed every second what does that mean.

Thier are a few things that it could be. The original file could be corupt. Try playing the original on your computer to see if it plays ok. it could also be that nero didn’t encode it right. Usally nero will just fail if it cannot deal with a particular file but I supose it is possible it had problems encoding it. I have always gotten pretty good results from nero’s encoding though. I am only mentioning these because they are possibilities. I very strongly suspect that the cause is a bad burn (too many errors).
When I said before that the aopen has issues with dvd burning, basically, the firmware for dvd sucks bigtime. Basically it’s support for media is not that good and the choices of media that you use will be pretty limited. If you can find media that it likes though, it should do a decent enought job that it can be a useable drive (and like I said before, it is an exelent cd burner not to mention an exelent cd/dvd reader).
Download dvd identifier (free program)
It will read the media code off the disks that you are using so you know what they are. It doesn’t matter if it is a blank disk or something that you have burned to read the media code. Post the media code.
Second, scan the disk that skips (pauses) for errors. Download cdspeed (free program)
cdspeed is a nero program that should be included with nero, but it is also avalable seperate as a free program. You might as well download it to ensure you have the newest version (or I guess you could use the one that is included with nero if you are fairlly certain that it is up to date). under nero start smart, look for the test drive icon. Either way, when you have the program started, make sure that one of the disks you burned is in the drive, at the top pull down menu, under extras, select disk quality test, then start it. Unfortunatlly your drive only runs this test at 1.6x if I recall right, so it is going to take as long as a 1.6x burn (I’m guessing about 40 minutes or so) so this isn’t something that you would want to do on every disk, but it can tell you a lot running it occationally or on new media. When it is done, it will produce a graph. click the little floppy disk icon at the top to save the graph as a png file (if you save as jpeg it may be to large to upload so use png). Then post the media code you read off the disk, and attach the scan. If you are using the quick post window, click go advanced and click manage attachments to attach the scan. After you post we can tell you about it.

Hello I played video files on pc and they work fine
dvd id says…
uniqe disk id-[;cmc mag-eo1-ooo]
disk and boot type [dvd=r] not avalible
manufactuer name[cmc magnetic corp]
id [omc mag]
media typeid[eo1]
blank disk capacity [2,295,104 sectors =4.70c,b
recording speed[1x2.4x4x6x8x]

I can see in your post you do not mention memorex are they no good
that is what I have been using
I tried another burn after I downloaded firmware and the results were the same playing back like the pause button pressed every second.

Your drive scans at ecc 16 so you can basically cut the graph in half when comparing to most other (most drives scan at ecc 8). It didn’t seem to go over 100 (so cut in half, 50). While that is not an exelent burn, it’s not terible either. Based on the scan, it should play fine. The book standard defines the limit as 280 (560 for your drive since it is ecc 16). Yours is obviouslly well below that. Thier is that one small spike up to 400 at the begining though. Perhaps that is a problem spot in the burn, though those single spikes like that can be caused by the drive reading it while it is scanning. Overall, the burn looks aceptable so I am kind of suprized that it doesn’t play. Have you tried it in more than one player (standalone dvd players and or playing it on your computer)? Maybe try it on a friends standalone dvd player to see if it plays.
About the media. Memorex uses many diffrent medias. These particular ones are cmcmage01 (that is the true manufacture and model, memorex just bought them ans slapped thier name on them). Thier are mixed opinions on cmcmage01 but I think that they are decent. Your drive is not burning them really well but they do seem to be burning aceptable enough that I would think that they would be usable (though it wouldn’t hurt to look for something that burns beter). Let me know how it goes playing it on other players. Sometimes a particular player just doesn’t like reading a particular media, even if the burn is ok.