Nero Express 2 Problem - Help

When importing any avi or mpg while creating dvd video complient output - I get this error message "The instruction at “0x00615a12” referenced memory at “0x01225790”. The memory could not be read. I used the Nero clean tool to remove any trace of an installation and reinstalled. It worked for awhile then reverted back to this error message.

Any help would be highly appreciated

Hi did you ever get any help with this, cos i am having exactly the same problem.

My message is:

The instruction at “0x00615a12” referenced memory at “0x019f5788”. The memory could not be “read”.

Help would be appreciated nothing works even when i reinstalled Nero.

I have had this same problem since Tech support (when you can get a reply) is ALWAYS an uninstall, cleantool, and reboot. What a mess. I have found with Ahead that they fix problems only when enough people really complain. It may be fixed in the next release or it may be several months. It is basically we are at their mercy. They are much more interested in developing new useless software than they are in pleaseing customers by providing decent and reliable programs

ok, for anyone else who has had this problem.

All I did was uninstall all software and programs since i had the problem, this worked, and then 1 by 1 reinstalled them. It was when i reinstalled win dvd copy the problem returned. I have since carried out an unistall on win dvd copy and everything is fine.

For some reason, WinDVD copy was causing my codecs to not operate correctly.

Does any one know why this might have happened?