Nero experts - what is each Nero program in Nero 7 best for?



G’day everyone, I recently shelled out for Nero 7 Ultra Edition, which came with the applications below. Reason I got Nero 7 was for the following tasks:

  • making DVD movies from different video files (eg. avi, etc)
  • converting my Aust PAL DVDs to NTSC format (I moved to the US)
  • making backups of my PC games

So far I’ve only used a couple of them because I don’t really know that the others are best used for (bit of a newbie at this). Here’s what I’ve been using them for so far:

[li]Nero Burning ROM - not using - what best for?
[/li][li]Nero Express - not using - what best for?
[/li][li]Nero Vision - use to make DVD movies from different video files and also to burn files to different formats (NTSC v PAL) - use this a lot
[/li][li]Nero BackItUp - not using but I assume it’s to do with backing up files?
[/li][li]Nero CoverDesigner - no idea
[/li][li]Nero WaveEditor - no idea
[/li][li]Nero Soundtrax - no idea
[/li][li]Nero Showtime - use it to watch DVDs on my PC
[/li][li]Nero MediaHome - no idea
[/li][li]Nero Recode - currently using it to remove audio, etc when I burn DVDs and DVD files to my harddrive (I’m sure I’m not using this the way it’s supposed to be used)
[/li][li]Nero PhotoSnap - no idea

In addition to Nero, I also use DVDShrink to shrink my DVDs down to 4.7GB when backing them up. Other than that I don’t use anything else.

Can anyone help me with what some of the other Nero stuff is best used for? I feel like I’m only using Nero to 20% of its capability.

Cheers. :slight_smile:



did you have a look at the help files, that came with Nero? Also, there are some descriptions on Nero website.