Nero exe

is any one having problems with nero 7 when you try to open nero burning rom it comes up cant find nero exe the programme crashes sometimes ,this is the proper disc should I take it back to the shop or wait for an update.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve no problems at all. Suggest you uninstall Nero 7, go to website to get Nero’s clean tools to remove every trace of Nero. (In case some traces of an earlier version is present.)
Then reinstall. Hopefully this will resolve things for you.

I had the exact same problem with Nero 7, “Nero.exe has generated an error”.

Nero Clean Tool will not help you here, this build is massive and really clutters the Registry, even after an uninstall. It took me over 30 minutes to manually clean the Registry and reinstall Nero 6.

I’ve never seen such Registry clutter from an application!!!

Hi :slight_smile:
Well I had problems initially as I had installed Nero 7 without uninstalling Nero 6. I then uninstalled Nero 7 which had as part of the install sort of uninstalled Nero 6. Then cleaned the registry manually. Reinstalled Nero 7 & had no problems since.

I have put it on my pc which had nero 6 on it I let nero 7 uninstall 6 itself and it did this and had the exe problem since. I also have nero 6 lightscribe on it the software I got with my dvd writer and if I unstall these I will loose my lightscribe.

My girlfriends pc is brand new and never had nero on it but I still have the exe problem also.

Will neros clean up tool on their website clear all the old stuff of 6?

When you clean the registy do I just look for all instances of nero ?

There are literally hundreds of Nero 7 Registry entries that remain after the uninstallation.
Manually cleaning does not entail the removal of every instance as there are other applications that have Registry entries that references Nero.

Not much experience with Nero Clean Tool, but there are still tons of Registry entries remaining after it’s use, so I guess it does not remove all.

Nero 7 is just so much different than Nero 6 in the way it clutters the Registry.
Even if you uninstall Nero 7 and revert to Nero 6, there will still be hundreds of Nero 7 Registry entries remaining after the uninstallation.

Just read a review on a site here is a part of the review

We had a major problem with Nero Burning ROM, the suite’s heart: it stopped opening halfway through our testing. A Nero representative confirmed that this is a known issue and that launching Nero Express creates a registry change that prevents Burning ROM from launching. This bug will be fixed in a major, free downloadable upgrade on October 26, 2005. This upgrade will also offer significant optimizations for dual-core, multiple-CPU, and Hyper-Threading machines in the form of speed improvements.

Wish I had waited :a

I don’t understand why they released it to stores if it has a major problem. Doesn’t make sense to me.

This software has not been released as yet.
These are pre-releases that have been leaked.
These are not the final release software versions.
Nero 7 is set for release later this month.

It was released to retailers on Oct 10. It will not be available on the web till later this month.

if you remove this from the registry everything will be ok and it does work as it was doing it to me
[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\BCGWorkspace\BCGControlBarVersion]

Hi :slight_smile:
That may apply to you, but in the UK Nero 7 has been available for around a week now. PCWorld £59.99 (This therefore includes Curry’s, Dixon’s etc.)

Sorry for the confusion.
I was referring to the online availability.
Nero’s web site posted Available online October 26th.

sunderland, that registry change works, but it keeps coming back after you use nero express, then nero burning rom doesn’t work again, then you have to go back and delete it again. That gets old, so will use express until there is a fix.

Hi :slight_smile:
I had that problem 1st time around as I didn’t bother to uninstall Nero 6 before installing 7. Although 7 removes any earlier versions, it must have left something behind. When I uninstalled 7, then removed manually every ref: to Nero in directories, registry. Then reinstalled 7 & since this had no problems whatsoever.

yes, I did that to zebadee, used Registry Crawler to remove every reference to Ahead and Nero in the registry, still doesn’t work.

I can confirm that the Nero.exe error will return when some changes are made with the Nero 7 software. Even after cleaning the Registry.

Hi :slight_smile:
Before I cleaned out my registry manually, (Nero seems to leave so much clutter regardless of the removal s/w used) I could duplicate errors that are mentioned in this & other posts. Now I cannot.
I’m not looking to argue, but would like to know what “changes” so I can duplicate & maybe find an answer.
I can open Burning Rom, from there straight to Nero Express & back again. Start with Nero Express & go into Burning Rom. I can run both together or one at a time.

Hi :slight_smile:
It seems that after all that you’ve done. There’s still a need to check/remove stuff manually. I’ve tried three different registry s/w removal programs. All left something behind.

perhaps instead of *deleting that specific REG key - you should set all permissions (data values ?) to DENY

found this info here;

HKCU\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\BCGWorkspace

Permissions should all be set to Deny

however - it still may muck up after running Nero Express

You can create a Desktop REG file (NeroFix.reg) - heck - QuickLaunch it - and just click it to remove that Key as sunderland posted - (notice the preceding hyphen)…so the text of Regfile would be;


[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\BCGWorkspace\BCGControlBarVersion]

remember to have 1 carraige return (blank line using ENTER) at the end of text

you guys may want to look into the HKLM key as the root cause, instead of just the HKCU key